Social to Corporate

Corporate Events

Whether your company is celebrating a milestone, promotion or company holiday celebration, we here at the boutique will create something memorable for you and your staff.

Creating and Designing these celebrations are intricate and need attention to detail, flow and coordination.

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated resonate throughout the event leaving them with heartfelt thank you’s.

Social Events

Social Events are exciting and fun to celebrate with family and friends. They are the reason we as humans like to get together for dinner, birthdays, engagements and sip and sees otherwise know as the baby shower.

Family Events are a welcome time to catch up and make memories as we slow down and enjoy the festivities.

Whether you choose to celebrate at home, a venue or a quaint little spot like your favorite restaurant, we can bring your wishes to life.


Gallery Design

It’s all in the Design and Execution.

Our staff has incredible attention to detail putting the final touches on your event.

Social and Corporate Events

Let's Celebrate

Let us handle all the details

Let us hand all the details so you can be a guest at your own event and enjoy the festivities.